David Wide

David Wide

is a German music producer and songwriter. His music is a mixture of electronic and dance music, with influences from various genres. He is known for his catchy melodies and use of synthesizers. He has also collaborated with a number of other artists. Wide is a popular artist in Germany and Europe. In recent years, his music has also gained popularity in the United States.

David started playing the piano at the age of six. After 8 years of classical training, he began composing music himself. He has performed his compositions in many countries including the United States, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Germany.

In 2004, he worked on his first project, the music for the popular rgb video game "Arunderan", which was released worldwide in October 2005. His debut album "Perfect Communication" was released in 2006. He has also worked on other smaller projects, including the soundtrack for the German independent film "Der Stalker".

arunderan 100 Perfect Communication 100 Der Stalker 100


In 2017, David signed with the Australian and German based music label Wolf Entertainment, who distributed his second album "Dreaming", which was awarded the number 1 album by Radio Modul 303.

Radio Modul 303 100 Radio Modul 303 c 100 Radio Modul 303 b 100


Followed by the singles & EP "Watercave", "True Beauty feat. The Wolfman" "Heartbeat", "Heaven", "Surreal", "Firecave", "Step by Step", and "Once Upon A Time (EP)"


Watercave 100 True Beauty The Wolfman 100 heartbeat 100


Heaven 100 Surreal 100 firecave 100


step by step cover 100 onceuponatime 100  


The single "With You", a remix of the track "True Beauty" from the album "Dreaming" was released in fall 2018 by David Wide in collaboration with Olya Kenney (lyrics) from Massachusetts, Elisa Reynoso (vocals) from New Mexico and Agustin Gama (vocal mix), also from New Mexico.

With You 100 Olya Kenney 100 Agustin Gama 100


In 2019, David was signed to the record label Rock Avenue Records (Sony Music) in Los Angeles, USA, and released his third album "Hearts".

For personal reasons and to escape the enormous pressure in the music industry, David founded his own music label (David Wide Music) the following year in collaboration with Danmark Music Group, one of the leading music distributors in Europe. This was followed by the release of the single "Absolut" and EP "Waves.

album hearts 100 absolut 100 Waves 100


Since November 2020, the German musician and artist "CP T Tiles" has also been represented by the David Wide Music label. His debut single "Darkest Nights" was released in February 2021, followed by the single "Here Comes The Morning". The full album "This Is The Place" was also published in 2021.

darkest nights 100 Here Comes The Morning 100 This Is The Place 100


"Music to lean back and dream to - harmonious, relaxing, atmospheric. Immerse yourself in a world beyond the real, in soothing, gentle yet rhythmic spheres of sound where catchy tunes and original musical interludes meet"

- Music for your soul -

(Music for your soul)
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