Schwarzwaelder Bote(2012)


When the composer rings the bell

Pianist David Wide has been living in Onstmettingen since April and sells his CD directly

by Karina Eyrich



He wants to open up spaces with his music. Perhaps that's why David Wide - English for "wide" - chose his stage name. He has chosen the most unusual way imaginable to distribute his first CD.

When the doorbell rings, it doesn't have to be the postman. David Wide could be standing outside, his charming smile on his face and his CD in his luggage. The work that the Albstadt resident by choice sells - quite unusually from door to door - is called the same as what is quickly developing with him: "Perfect Communication". The pianist from the Saarland, who has lived in Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Munich, Wiesbaden, Hanover and the USA, immediately connects with his potential customers. Three years ago, in the face of the difficult situation in the music industry, he chose the path of direct sales. "I had to overcome it at first, and it's still the same on the first door of the day," he says. "But here in the Alb, people are very direct. There are some who have had a bad day or a bad experience. But they also often say: A musician has never stood here before - at least listen to him." David Wide is now used to being invited out for a meal or given a bag of apples, but even he sometimes experiences the unusual: "I once met a woman whose daughter was a film producer. For one of her I then wrote several songs for one of her films," he reports. Making his breakthrough as a composer of film music is the 46-year-old's greatest wish. He wants to concentrate on this and therefore no longer performs in public. In the meantime, what he earns from selling his CD should be enough to live on - no less and no more. And what's on it? "My father always says: >This is the perfect music for driving<", says Wide, whose real name is Frank Wegwerth. "Music to lean back and dream to - harmonious, relaxing, atmospheric." In fact, anyone who listens opens up a world beyond the real, immersed in soothing, soft yet rhythmic soundscapes in which catchy melodies and original interludes meet. "Versunken in Dir", "Ferngespräch", "Die Berührung" and "Wolke über Paris" are accordingly the German translations of the English titles, which fans and those who want to become fans can also listen to on his website. Wide does not see this as counterproductive - on the contrary: quite a few people get a taste for it and order the CD after all, he reports. David Wide himself does not know exactly how many tracks he has already written. In any case, his next CD is almost finished, and Wide is enjoying producing it in his new adopted home of Onstmettingen. Since April, he has been living in a house on the Hohberg, where even his cat feels right at home, and is already raving about the people he meets every day and the nature around him: "There's a completely different energy here," he says enthusiastically.


(Music for your soul)
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