Active Planet (2006)


- Music by David Wide -



Author: Tiles (David Wide for the music)

Genre: Adventure/RPG Size of the game: 76.7 MB - Download the game

Test by Sirian

At a time when click creation is going through a real crisis in both the French and English-speaking world, Tiles is producing a true produces a true titanic work: Arunderan. This huge game, which is over 75 MB in size, with carefully crafted graphics will amaze many people. What better way to give a to breathe new life into a Click that has run out of steam. But let's be objective: apart from the game, its size and the screenshots is it still a good game? This test should answer that question...

Graphics: 9.5/10

Sound ambience: 8.5/10

Technology: 9.5/10

Interest: 9.5/10

Final grade: 9.5/10

Arunderan in summary:

Arunderan is simply, in terms of level, the best ever in the history of clicking. Everything is there: Flawless programming, great beautiful graphics, music and beguiling sounds, a correct script (still in English or German) and a simple, pleasant and intuitive gameplay. Arunderan is undoubtedly a must-have for your library (if you have a good computer) and will certainly be the talk of the town in a few months, if not a few years...

+ One of the best Click Creations

+ Magnificent backdrops and landscapes

+ Comprehensive gameplay and storylines

+ No flaws in its execution

+ Pleasant musical atmosphere

- Poorly managed backups


(Music for your soul)
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