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David Wide has already made a name for himself in the scene / Working on his second CD

The Georgenborn musician David Wide is currently working on his second CD. The artist also hopes to to find a professional foothold with film music.

By Anja Baumgart-Pietsch


David Wide - that's just a stage name. Not everyone needs to know what his real name is," smiles the 42-year-old musician from the Schlangenbad district of Georgenborn. "David Wide" was a spontaneous idea that suits him well. Wide and and large spaces also open up in his music. He is currently working on his second CD in his home studio, the first own production called "Perfect Communication" was released in 2006. The keyboardist calls what he writes "music for your soul". It can best be categorized as "Lounge, trance or ambient music" - harmonious, atmospheric, relaxing. "I started piano lessons at the age of six," says the musician about his beginnings. For eight years, he took private lessons "with a very strict teacher". Piano playing accompanied him throughout youth, even when he spent a year on a student exchange at an American high school. The musician has also traveled around the world, initially completing an apprenticeship in the hotel industry before deciding to pursue his passion for music full-time. He knows that this is not easy. "I would like to get into the film music business". Because making a living solely from selling your own CDs is something only a few people can do. Especially as it is hardly possible to get a record deal with the industry giants. So he tries to make himself known through direct sales and the Internet. He has already had his first successes: For an online video game called "Arunderan" he wrote the background music. He is also interested in advertising. And via his page on the "Myspace" portal, he is pleased to report that a film team has approached him with plans to film "The Witch of Portobello" by bestselling author Paulo Coelho. and would like to use his music for it. Something like that appeals to the musician from Georgenborn, who has given himself a few years to get off to a good start, to really take off on this path. "You have to stay realistic," says David Wide. But optimism is not out of place either. And through word of mouth, he has already recently came across a small internet radio station from Hohenstein, for example, where he was spontaneously and very extensively interviewed live and was able to present his music. David Wide is hoping for more coincidences of this kind. His CDs are also interesting as background music for massages or relaxation courses. Titles such as "Cloud over Paris" or "Rainbow Suite" are perfect for this. Even though David Wide occasionally sings, the majority of the pieces are instrumental. He still wants to take singing lessons, he reveals. Otherwise, he tinkers with new melodies in his small studio whenever he can. Incidentally, he is inspired by the great bands of the 70s and 80s: Genesis, Saga, Alan Parsons Project, Supertramp, Mike Oldfield - He doesn't forget to mention "and Chopin" - because of course he always has his classical piano lessons as a solid foundation.

Photo: Harmonious, atmospheric, relaxing: David Wide (here at work in his home studio) earns his living with music.


(Music for your soul)
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